DVD on Steel Construction

    DVD on Steel Construction

    This two DVD set includes the five videos.

    This 15 minute programme specifically addresses the use of uncoated "Weathering Steel" in bridges. Live footage and graphics illustrate the formation of the protective oxide layer on bridges in service up to 28 years. Design and detailing to avoid contact with de-icing chemicals, and to avoid staining of foundations both during construction and during service, are also illustrated.

    This video briefly traces the evolution of iron and steel bridges from Darby's cast iron arch to the latest cable stayed bridges, and reviews the influence of designers such as Stephenson, Roebling and Leonhardt. It demonstrates the latest welding and fabrication methods for plate and box girder bridges, including special erection techniques such as "launching" and use of a "high line". Live footage of many different construction activities is supplemented with graphics. Unique footage shows the failure of the Tacoma Narrows suspension bridge. All students of bridge engineering, from undergraduates to practicing bridge engineers, will find this 28 minute video interesting and informative.

    A two-part 27-minute program presents architectural and structural concepts in multi-storey steel framed buildings. Gravity load framing systems, including column transfers, are illustrated. Lateral loads and methods of resisting these loads are discussed. Graphics illustrating structural systems and extensive film coverage of construction activities and completed buildings provide insight and understanding of the design, fabrication and erection of multi-storey buildings.

    The design and construction of a typical single storey steel building including structure, wall cladding and roof are explained in this 15-minute program. Loads applied to a building are discussed and methods of resisting these loads are illustrated. Much emphasis is placed on stability of the framing system, and on the means by which various components of the building interact with one another to complete a stable structure. Typical framing and methods of both wall and roof construction are illustrated. Graphics are used extensively to illustrate types of loads, the influence of loads, load paths through the building framing to the foundations, and the performance of various structural components.

    This 17-minute program explains the stub girder floor system and illustrates its use in the nine-storey Northern Telecom office building with spans of 13.7 metres. The Stub Girder System is a composite structural steel and steel deck-concrete floor system that facilitates integration of structure with mechanical services, particularly in long-span structures. The video uses graphics and construction sequences to illustrate use of this novel steel framing method from foundations to completion of the building.

    Produced by the Steel Structures Education Foundation for a broad construction audience, these educational videos will be of interest to designers, contractors, developers and building authorities. In addition, the videos are being used in universities and colleges teaching architecture, structural engineering, building science, and in training programs for steel fabrication personnel.

    This two DVD set includes the five videos, one DVD is in English and one is in French is available for purchase.

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