Technical Resources

The right answer for your project’s most pressing questions.

Strengthen your next project with the insights and answers to every aspect of steel in construction. CISC Technical Resources include information-rich documents like FAQs, plus access to steel design software and a help desk.

Help desk – Answers only a click or call away

CISC staff engineers answer technical questions on all aspects of structural steel design for buildings and bridges. We have information and resources on a variety of topics including historical grades of steel, oversize and slotted bolt holes  and notch-tough grades of steel. For more information on projects like these, please contact the Help desk at

Advantage Steel columns – Questions, answers and insights

The CISC’s Advantage Steel magazine captures the pulse of the steel industry, and has quickly become a well-respected source for technical knowledge and industry information. Advantage Steel features articles on cutting edge topics and  the most pressing issues, as well as regular columns dealing with seismic design and sustainability. Click here and download the latest edition of Advantage Steel.

Updates, Guides and other resources

Updates on Handbook revisions, changes in S16 , design guides on connections, crane runways, steel fabrication quality systems, etc.
Click here to view our Structural Updates.
Click here to view National Institute of Steel Detailing (NISD) "Guideline for the successful presentation of steel design document".

Steel Supply and Historical Info

Availibility of steel shapes, historical information about older steel properties and references to older standards.
Click here for Historical Info.
Click here for Steel Supply resources.

Fire-protection and Coatings

CSCC Fire-protection bulletins, guides, fire models, paint standards, tips on painting structural steel and more.
Click here for our resources on Fire-protection.
Click here for our resources on Coatings.

Steel Related Papers and Links

Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering ( CJCE) steel-related articles, and industry links to AISC, SCI, AISI, IISI, OTUA links.
Click here to view the papers and links.