Queen Richmond Centre


Project Description

The Queen Richmond Centre West project emerges in Toronto as a development with an innovative structural solution. The team—Sweeny & Co. Architects, Stephenson Engineering Ltd., Walters Group Inc., and Cast Connex—explored and developed an incredible building design while maintaining a collaborative, mutually agreeable approach. The result is a complex with three buildings organized around a large C-shaped atrium fronting on both Richmond and Peter Streets. The custom-designed Mega Delta Frames meet at the nodes, and spring apart, creating three seamless, monolithic forms. This project demonstrates how a structurally superior and innovative solution contributed to the success and elegance of a building.


Project Team

Owner: Allied Properties REIT

Architect: Sweeny & Co. Architects Inc.

Structural Engineer: Stephenson Engineering Limited

Project Manager / General Contractor: Eastern Construction

Fabricator: Walters Group Inc. / Cast Connex

Detailer: Walters Group Inc.

Erector: Walters Group Inc.